The Awakening Part 1

After waking alone on a strange world, a traveller searches for answers in a mysterious and dangerous universe.




“Wait… What?”


Turning his head side to side, the individual attempted to make sense of the situation despite his pounding headache and the blinding light in his vision.

Thinking to himself, the man exclaimed out loud to nobody in particular.


“Was there a crash?”


The world around him was strange and daunting. Massive rock pillars loomed in the distance amongst fields of scarlet. Large plants wound around each other in the lush crimson fields. In his peripheral vision flits of darkness could be seen in the foliage. The possibility of creatures? It was something to file away for later consideration.


“Where the…”


*Multi tool Lazer alignment complete*


Startled by the robotic voice, he looked down in shock. He was surprised to find a weapon in his hand, a strange suit upon his body. Not to say the suit was uncomfortable. Testing a system in the suit, he was surprised to find himself lifted slightly in the air, though he did not lose his balance. ‘Gyro stablisation’ a voice in his head mused. The memory quickly faded however, only the words remaining as an echo within his mind.


Trying to move beyond the testing of the system seemed impossible. As he attempted to move his body he noticed a shadow move closer, hiding just within the tall crimson grass. As it neared, a red claw indicator flashed on his HUD, bright in his vision.


“That…. that’s not good.” The man said as he attempted to move back, attempted to do anything other than just stand in place.


“Move, damn you move!”


From within the grass a demonic creature approached the man. As it approached it began calling out, a horrifying mix of clicks and guttural pops. The creature began to stalk him, moving around the edge of his vision in a methodical manner. An odd mix of crab and scorpion, it clicked it’s pincers against it’s thorax.


At that moment the HUD began to light up with many more claw indicators from all around. As he scanned the brush he saw one, then two, then a dozen of the creatures all approach. Their claws clicked against their bodies, their bloodthirst apparent by the way they approached in a hunting pack.


“C’mon, damnit MOVE!” He screamed at his body, demanding a response from his muscles. If he didn’t move soon, well he wasn’t sure if he’d make it through the next few moments of time. Another flash blinded the man, a cacophony of voices echoing within his ears. Each spoke a different language, yet he understood them all, understood the meaning behind the words that echoed together within his mind.










The voices stopped, the light fading from the edges of his vision.




At an unknown cue the creatures burst from the line of grass. They moved in a synchronized manner, chittering as their claws clicked menacingly as they approached. Before they got too close he squeezed the trigger. A greenish orange light flared from the end of his weapon, directed toward the creature that was closest. With minor recoil the weapon cut the vicious creature in half completely. Hesitating at the sight of the first creature being sheared in two, it allowed for an opening for the man to retreat.


Activating the boosters of his suit the man fled, his boots parting the scarlet foliage below him to reveal the blue soil beneath. After fleeing a ways away the boosters gave out, the man hitting the ground with a resounding thud.


The heads up display flashed once more, this time not showing a claw symbol, but rather a new display of red and blue bars, showing off his life support and other essential systems that would keep him alive, as well as an icon that keeps track of his suit’s booster device.


Rising to his feet, the man proceeded to limp to the edge of the cliff face which he appeared to be have landed upon. As he crested the rise, the man let out a breath, amazed by the view. It was a beautiful sight, different than anything he had ever imagined, anything he could imagine. 


As he looked to his HUD to give him further information, another symbol appeared on his display, a small ship display appearing.


*Starship detected*


Underneath the symbol he noticed a marker for distance, 25.30 minutes away. Not too far, right?


“Okay, a 25 minute walk through an alien world with voices in my head and weird evil crabs and I’m home free. This should be easy… right?”






“Awh c’mon”




High above the Traveller a freighter warps into the system, a skeleton crew of android humanoids man work stations and consoles. In the lower decks of this ship is a room, large and foreboding and dark. 


In the centre of this room is an empty chair surrounded by blank screens.

Suddenly the room fills with florescent light and the control node above the seat emmits a red glow. Screens come alive with information in many alien languages. One screen in particular is repeating its message.