The thoughts in my helmet

I've played No Man's Sky regularly for over 5000 hours since launch. Being in space this long a persons mind becomes their best friend. These are the things we talk about... when we're together


Is everyone in? I wonder if he would have become Jim Morrison if video games were as prevalent as they are today? Who could I have been?

These damn wires DO NOT want to connect! "Explore the universe" they said, "you can play however you choose" they said, I don't remember game descriptions saying "you are a master electrician in space..."!

Well that should do it! 14 solar panels and 7 batteries in rows. Well, sort of anyway. They looked aligned when I was placing them. Wires everywhere. It looks like a 3d snapshot of a bad laser show. Regardless, I'm pretty happy with the way my base is turning out. This is a great planet. There's plenty of resources, a deep ocean, pleasant weather, lots of mostly friendly fauna. Definitely better than anything in Calypso! I spent about a month there (real time). Then I made enough warp cells to probably get me to the center of the next 3 galaxies and did nothing but jump from one system to another until I reached the center!

I'm in the outer rim of Hesperius now. I've named this planet Valhalla. Unfortunately I uploaded the system name without renaming first. So it's called "McDoodle-de-pork-n-stien X3/42 IV" or whatever! But at least I was able to name all 5 planets before some 14 year old Fortnite champion blasted through and left me with one named "Terdball"! Some people are just dicks like that! Never fails when it's a multiplayer game!

Ok, I gotta go. My pulse drive just shoots me off in random directions when I use it. So I'm just gonna boost to my freighter for the next 3 and a half hours. L8r



Justin I. 10 months ago

Haha, I love it!

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