Site Rules

So rules for the site. Should be relatively easy.

1 ) Welcome to our network, I hope you enjoy your self here!
2 ) Please try and keep content related to No Man's Sky / vr / consoles, pcs related etc.
3 ) Please don't go meme crazy they cute but for the site to shine it would be better to see all the NMS creations and adventures you peeps having.
4 ) No Spam, No Porn, No Childs Play of any type, No Politics (Twitter and FB can have all that)
5 ) Please respect your fellow travellers, no griefing, hate or other will be tolerated on the network
6 ) for the health of our network please see rules 1 to 6
7 ) Rules subject to change, evolve and be updated. Anyone breaking the rules will be strapped to the front of my ship, dragged out to dead planet and left for dead :D
8 ) If you survive 7, you will be left on a planet with furry creatures that eat meat! Don't do it! :D
9 ) Please read site TOS, GDPR and Privacy Policy for those that like light reading!
10 ) This site is not owned or operated by Hello Games and is a fan social network web site for No Man's Sky as a labor of love!

Founder (Athaus Quan)